Wednesday, December 3, 2008


International Jet Boat Safety Association (IJBSA) is an Association whose mission is to save lives and inform the public of the need for "hands on" training. Personal WaterCraft collisions are injuring young riders at ten times the Coast Guard reported figures. IJBSA will provide accurate information concerning the dangers of personal watercraft and why the public is being misinformed as to their safety.

To expose' misleading information with hard documentation to assure the riders they are receiving correct safety information. We will provide law makers and inform the general public of the hopeless nature of the existing system that safety advocates have been battling for years.

To show how the U S Coast Guard is powerless because of rules legislated that put safety in the hands of the industry of which place the USCG in a neutral safety position.

We will provide hard information that has cost the director of IJBSA over $735,000 and 15 years to document. We will inform the rider of proper sources of safety training. Murray will document how his patents were ignored or re engineered. Theft of innovation described here eliminates new American small businesses that provide new jobs that are the pillar of our “Middle Class”. This is accomplished by taking the innovation from inventors redesigning it and selling it back to the US, costing jobs and profits gained from our exports.

Murray's controversial Interview

"Hidden defects may lead to class action law suit" Short version is included here.

Personal WaterCraft Anti-Collision Film
This film was made to be shown by a Top Gun Instructor after a clarification talk. Due to the film's length, we have cut it into three separate clips for faster viewing. Please click here to see them on the IJBSA YouTube Channel. A complete version of the Anti-Collision Film can be downloaded to your computer by clicking here. Please download the Top Gun maneuver instruction sheet here.

IJBSA will document the problems with hard evidence. Here is sample of some documentated evidence that shall be provided throughout this website.

With the assistance of our friends we will expose what is being done to move safety forward or hindering it. I have worked within the industry with solid people like Nita Boles, PWC Watch and Ron Simner, Rider Technologies and many others. IJBSA will provide links to information that falls under this responsibility. We will look to our friends to provide information, that if documented, we will post in a news section, or whistle blower section.

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